Storms can’t hurt the sky

Well today is the last day of my “week of right speech”.  

I had an interesting experience today – not so much to do with right speech however.

I spent some time with a friend of mine – and I picked up as soon as I saw her that she was not in a good place mentally or emotionally.  For a variety of reasons.  

And I’ve noticed in the past that when she is having a hard time, she is more liable to criticise me.  It is something I have struggled with over time.

During a conversation we had today she made it clear – a little harshly – that she didn’t believe something that I had said.

In the past this would have hurt me.  And I would have spent some time mulling over it.

Today though I just smiled and shrugged it off.  I knew I was telling the truth, but more than that I knew it wasn’t about me.  That she was simply projecting her own feelings of being unhappy.  And I just happened to be the person she directed it towards.

I just smiled, and inwardly wished her well, and wished her the inner peace that I know she craves.  

For me this is pretty significant progress – I’m highly sensitive by nature, and find criticism especially difficult.

I just felt a sense of peace though today – and a sense of spaciousness.  Even that event – which would normally really upset me – didn’t make a difference to my feeling of equanimity.

I’ve heard before that “storms can’t hurt the sky”, and that we should try to develop this sense of spaciousness, so that these types of events just drift across our consciousness without causing us inner harm.

I’m hopeful that the daily meditation practice I started on 1st January is making a difference.




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8 responses to “Storms can’t hurt the sky

  1. I applaud your accomplishment in this, I can imagine the kind of weight it lifts off you when you are able to let things go the way you did today.

    With Metta

  2. I can only wish this will work more often for me. I sometimes succeed. There is progress.

  3. well done. We are so impacted by the energy of others and it’s great to find a way to leave them with their energy while maintaining our own. Even better when, like you did, we can send a good wish or a blessing towards them.

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