A Grateful Heart

Hi friends 🙂

I was recently very inspired by this great article A Grateful Heart.

In this article, 52 year old John Kralik explains how he turned his life around by sending out a personal thank you note each day for 365 days.

“It took a little more than a year, but by the time I had written the 365 thank you notes I had set out to write, my life had been transformed in ways I could not have expected.”

It has really inspired me to start sending out my own thank you notes.

Too often we get wrapped up in our lives, and our problems, and fail to really stop and appreciate the blessings in our lives.

By taking the time to sit down, and thank someone, we bring not only kindness and positivity into their lives, but generate more in our own lives (and the world) as well.

So yesterday I had the pleasure of buying some beautiful stationery, and stamps, and writing out my first 3 cards.

I can’t wait to share with you all this journey.

Much love,