Sitting quietly today in my beanbag reading a book, and this passage really resonated with me..

“Once she had imagined she and {her husband} moving into such an old age, their histories woven together like vines, tendril around shoot, leaves meshed.  Oh she’d been so old-fashioned; even her regret was old-fashioned.  She had imagined that, married, she would be some sort of lovely bud, wrapped in the tougher, resilient calyx of the flower.  Wrapped and protected, the layers of her own life contained within another’s.

But instead she had found her own way….”

Such a perfect summary of my own life.

This was how I had imagined my adulthood.  As a wife, mother, homemaker.

As part of a strong family unit such as I was raised in.

But life doesn’t always go to plan.

And that’s okay.

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2 responses to “Growth

  1. I got something in-between, where I have both belonging and freedom within a marriage. It wasn’t what I expected, but I’ll take it!

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