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[Image Credit:  Words & illustration by  Bianca Cash]


I chose this quote for today’s ‘Mindful Monday’ because it has simple but very strong words that are great words to live by.

I’ll break it down and give my thoughts on each word and how I think I’m going with some of them:

Be Kind – I think everyone could keep working on this one.  Everyone could be a little kinder.  I think overall, I am a kind person but I could always be kinder more consistently and consciously.  What you give out generally comes back to you!

Work Hard – I’ve worked hard for many, many years juggling full-time work in the corporate world with motherhood and being a wife.  Now, I’m working hard in a different way.  No need for me to explain.  If you read my blog, you’ll know what I’m all about these days.  Working…

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  1. Thank you so much Meg. I’m so touched that reblogged my post to your blog. As I said on my blog – you excel at being kind 🙂 Min xxoo

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