Kindness Crusade

One should cherish all living beings – radiating kindness over the entire world

I listened to a great talk on the Metta Sutta this week, and it really gave me pause to think about kindness and the conditions needed to cultivate and increase kindness and tenderness in the world.


An excerpt of the Metta Sutta:

This is what should be done
By one who is skilled in goodness,
And who knows the path of peace:
Let them be able and upright,
Straightforward and gentle in speech.
Humble and not conceited,
Contented and easily satisfied.
Unburdened with duties and frugal in their ways.
Peaceful and calm, and wise and skillful,
Not proud and demanding in nature.
Let them not do the slightest thing
That the wise would later reprove.
Wishing: In gladness and in saftey,
May all beings be at ease.


What if we all made the decision to live according to this sutta?

If we made an intention to live ethically and kindly?

Peace would be possible.  Inner-peace would be possible.   And peace on Earth.

“Although attempting to bring about world peace through the internal transformation of individuals is difficult, it is the only way”.  The Dalai Lama

We can further cultivate peace, and increase kindness by:

  • Not taking the life of any living thing
  • Not taking things that are not given
  • Not engaging in sensual misconduct
  • Refraining from false speech
  • Abstaining from substances which cause intoxication and heedlessness

In order for our hearts to manifest the desire – “may all beings be at ease” we must first have gladness and safety in our minds and hearts.

Living with gratitude, kindness and love all gladden and reassure the heart and mind.

As does finding the joy in each moment and each situation.

And with wisdom, and the development of wisdom, we can look around us and see that everyone is suffering.  That everyone has a story filled with difficulties and challenges, loss of hopes and dreams.

Really realising this and seeing this brings a true tenderness of heart.

My personal desire is to develop the equanimity needed to be able to see what is happening in the world around me.  So I can bring kindness to every situation and make a difference.

Being kind is taking a stand.


“Do not fight against pain, embrace with tenderness.” 
~ Thich Nhat Hanh 


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A page created to help spread love and kindness and positivity. Dedicated to making this world a better place, and making a difference in people's lives.

9 responses to “Kindness Crusade

  1. As usual, a most bautiful post 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting, on your way to enlightenment, aren’t you 🙂 ?

    I remember reading in a book from Sharon Salzberg: “Be brave to be kind”.


  3. Dear Meg, with every post I read here, the more I am humbled and honoured to know a special soul like you. You clear passion to live translates into the utmost and highest service for the good of humanity and all life, to purify your character in light and continuous progression and to live beyond the limits and desires of self. You are a light in this world. Hugs my dear friend. Shaz

    • Oh Shaz – I honestly cannot put into words how touched I am by every single comment you make. I wish I could print them out and keep them and look back on them – they feel like a huge big hug. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Big hugs sweet Shaz ♥

  4. brendamarroy

    Imagine what a wonderful world this would be if we all lived according to these principles. It is do-able.

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