Everyday Wisdom #25

Act on your beliefs

If you see something wrong in the world today, don’t be the person who turns their head and pretends not to notice.

Have the chutzpah and insight to act on your beliefs.

It can even be something small….

Like being the person to fix the coffee machine at work when it breaks – or at least being the person who organises for it to be fixed.  


Character is most determined by integrity and courage. It’s how you act when no one is watching.



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8 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #25

  1. How right you are! Very cute pic 🙂

  2. My son’s name means Integrity Mountain in Chinese. And he always asks me to tell him what his name means and I always say integriy is what you do when nobody is watching – will you still do the right thing. Thank you for another excellent post. And this photo is just the best! Big hug to the superhero – kids naturally want to save the world and do good things don’t they! Shaz

  3. Great post. Thank you Megan.

  4. Great Post! In fact it’s something I tell my children always. Don’t ignore what you see, don’t count on others to do what you can do

  5. We are being a negative influence for our children.We want them to be something we are totally opposite of.We do lie in front of them at times, and don’t want them to do it.I believe the younger generation is being raised in a confusion state.They need good examples to follow, starting from home, and old habits are hard to break.:)That’s why it is the most difficult task – to be a parent and a role model at the same time!
    Lolz…..i love those six packs on the young action hero, cute!

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