Through the looking glass

I have recently started a wonderful course – Power of Kindness.

This is the first week, and the assignment is “Practice being transparent in your interactions”.

It’s a wonderful theme this week, and it’s interesting to see the way in which everyone is interpreting it.

The idea for this week’s assignment comes from chapter one of the class textbook “The Power of Kindness“, the subject of which is honesty. On page 13 Ferrucci references Sydney Jourard’s book “The Transparent Self,” saying, “As soon as we become more transparent, we start to feel better.”

We are all encouraged to interpret the themes in a way that is meaningful for us.

For me, I chose to practice being transparent in regards to my communication, and how I share ideas and information.

I noticed I have a tendency to communicate in a particular way – by giving great thought and consideration as to how people will perceive me, and making that the foundation for my communication and what I say.  Rather than saying what I actually think and feel.

So my exercise has been to communicate openly, freely, and from the heart.

And by doing that I have noticed that my initial desire and intention is to act with kindness and love, but I have held back through fear of what people will think of me.

I’ve learnt to accept though that although it’s scary to be so open and transparent, it’s also liberating.

From my experience there is something very special about people who communicate openly with integrity and authenticity. 


“Our lives improve only when we take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” ~Walter Anderson



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8 responses to “Through the looking glass

  1. Wow, I really appreciate this reflection today. I love the reminder of practicing being transparent in our interactions — being authentic and regarding ourselves and acting with integrity. Over the last few years, I find that I am communicating more from my heart. I spent too many decades too concerned about “getting it right” and “communicating in a way that others would be OK with/saying things that wouldn’t rock the boat.” I found that when I became a mom, these old habits came back. I wanted to “keep the peace” with other moms or even strangers. Over the last few years, I have been getting my “speaking from the heart” and honoring myself and my kiddos groove back! Thank you for this reflection and reminder.

    • Oh Lisa, you have summed up my thoughts so eloquently (as always) ♥. I would stress over what I had said and whether it was taken the right way. No I speak from the heart, and I no longer feel that sense of anxiety. Because I know I have been true to myself. And how people interpret what I say I have no control over. All I can do is approach situations with a sense of love and compassion and empathy.

  2. I am joining a conference these days, and I needed this reminder. Thanks.

  3. We don’t speak the truth out loud to ourselves because there are always some truth which are so bitter that we don’t have the strength to bear them.We can’t tell us we are wrong,and at times perverted too.Sometimes we can’t accept that people we rely on can betray or hurt us.So i believe our weaknesses, our own faults and inability to accept ill-doings of others towards us, false pride and ego to accept our flaws stops us from being transparent.
    If we develop strength, ability to judge ourselves and others in a sound manner, if we have humility within us – it’s easier to become transparent.

  4. Wow Meg, that was powerful. Exploded like a ray of white light that went off inside of me. I am rendered speechless. Thank you and please write more about this wonderful course you’re taking. Shaz

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