Everyday Wisdom #72

Forest Meditation

Stop for a moment, and imagine you are part of the forest

Begin the meditation by closing your eyes.

Visualise yourself at the edge of a forest.

As you stand there, ask for permission to enter and then take your first steps along the path in front of you.

Notice the aroma of the rich earth beneath your feet.  Take a long, slow, deep breath.  Filling your lungs with the vitality and life of the forest – the scents of pine and cedar.

Visualise the beauty around you.

As you breathe out, relax into your body, and feel the inner peace you experience as you nourish yourself with the fresh, clean air.

Visualise yourself looking upwards.  At the canopy of the trees towering overhead.  Shielding you, and offering you strength as you enter this temple of nature.

Observe the sounds around you.  The crunch of dry leaves beneath your feet.  The rustle of small animals.  The bird song.  The buzzing of insects.

Look around you, and take note of the growth surrounding you – the plants, vines, and trees.

Acknowledge that all of nature is one evolving web of life.  You are an extension of this forest.

Notice the strength that seeps into your veins as you marvel at the power in the forest.  As you begin to sense that this is where you belong.

As you continue to look about take time to absorb the spirit of the forest.

Hear the sounds of nature and let your body acknowledge the rhythm of movement that surrounds you.

Allow it to become a part of your heartbeat.  Can you feel that you are connecting to the spirit of the forest?

Give yourself permission to feel peace in this forest.  A place of life, tranquillity and life.

It is now time to retrace you footsteps back on the path out of the forest.

As you reach the clearing from where you set off, notice the bright sun on your skin.  The blue of the sky.  And the open space around you.

When you are ready, slowly open you eyes.

And remember – you can return back here whenever you want to.


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4 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #72

  1. In the forest, smelling its fragrances, visualizing its beauty, feeling its many textures, sensing its peace, I am at once relaxed and at one with all of nature. Thank you for taking me there and giving me permission to return at any time. I’ll be back!

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