Raising your vibration

I’ve recently read an interesting article on raising your vibration.

By feeling good now – as much as you possibly can – it will cause a vibrational shift in your emotional state and well-being.

We can raise our vibration by doing things that make us feel happy.

And avoiding those things – and people – which cause us unhappiness.

So here are a few ideas for raising your vibration:

  • Listen to happy music.
    The happier and more upbeat the better.  For me “Walking on sunshine” by Katrina and The Waves immediately comes to mind.
  • Watch a comedy.
    Be careful though that the tv show/movie is not about having fun at someone elses expense.  Or contains a lot of offensive language.  As both of these will have the opposite affect, and lower your vibration.
  • Connect with nature.
    Swim in the ocean.  Stand barefoot in the grass.  Sit under a tree (as the Buddha did, famously).
  • Exercise
    Run, walk, jump, ride a scooter, skip.  Anything that gets your heart rate increased and makes you feel energized.
  • Practice RAOK’s.  
    Do something nice for someone else.  Make someone else’s day.  Make someone smile.  All these things will lift your mood, and therefore your vibrational energy.
  • Write in a gratitude journal
    Being grateful helps you to recognise the world around you, and appreciate all the small things.
  • Spend time each day reading or watching something motivational.
    Whether it’s a blog, a passage of a book, a talk.  Anything that makes you feel inspired.
  • Enjoy the rain and jump in puddles

Remember – like attracts like.  By focusing on the positive – and living with happiness and joy – we attract the same back into our life.

Love & blessings,