Everyday Wisdom #93

Let others take you as you are, or not at all.

Speak your truth even if your voice shakes.

By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before. So walk your path confidently and don’t expect anyone else to understand your journey, especially if they have not been exactly where you are going.


I work for free

Or at least partly for free.  I have 6 different jobs – only 2 of them paid.

However this post is not about me.

I feel privileged and humbled to have had the good fortune to stumble across this article:

3 Little Monks and a Moment of Truth

This astonishing young man is a talented photographer, and has recently gone “gift economy”.

According to the article, “Gift economy means a system in which people do not charge for their services, but rather offer them up in the unconditional spirit of a gift, inviting recipients to “pay-forward” what they wish from their heart.”

After a life-changing and near death experience, Ankur decided to review his life, and came to the decision to:

  • surrender to the universe
  • learn and be open to learning
  • give
  • create my life
  • forgive
  • be honest, happy, generous, kind, compassionate
  • live gift economy
  • confront myself
  • take big risks
  • meditate

Reading this article has made me question my life deeply.

What a brave and inspirational decision to go “gift economy”.

We could all learn so much from this young man.

Totally and completely inspired and blown away ♥