The eye of the storm

Does everything that goes on around us have to dictate how we feel, and what we do?  Do we have to be influenced by the events around us?  

Or are we practising being the eye in the centre of the storm?

Are we practising balancing ourselves and remaining calm no matter what we see, or what we think, what we hear or what we feel?

That is the purpose of meditation.  The purpose of practice.

To do that every moment of every day. 

And not be swayed by every perceived slight, every angry word, every misunderstanding.

That’s how most of the world operates.  Whatever is going out outside – that decides what they do, how they feel.  That determines their day, that determines their life.  

If we do this we surrunder our power, and our control over our mind.

The purpose of practice is to work with our mind, to train our mind, so we are not at the mercy of the events of our daily life.

And through stillness and stability in our mind, we find peace.