Chocolate, crystals and gratitude

Hi lovely friends ūüôā

Today’s post is dedicated to an AWESOME day out that my little boy and I had today.

We went to a local place in Brisbane called “Southbank”. ¬†It’s in the middle of a city, and it has a man-made beach and lagoon, as well as fabulous eateries and shops.

We are grateful for:

‚ô• ¬†The bus ride in. ¬†The ticket machine wasn’t working, so we got our ride for free :D. ¬†This saved us more than $10. ¬†We also got to have a lovely relaxed ride in – both listening to our iPod’s.


‚ô• ¬†Wandering around the markets where we found a stall selling chocolate filled banana’s :D. ¬†I must admit banana’s aren’t my favourite fruit, but they certainly looked pretty good! ¬†And it was so interesting to see how they made them – drilling out the centre and inserted melted chocolate.


‚ô• ¬†Followed by morning tea at Max Brenner’s chocolate bar. ¬†Oh my goodness – this place is heaven on earth!! ¬†I had a cup of tea, my little man had a hot chocolate, and a “chocolate lick”, which is basically a little pot of melted chocolate. ¬†It was soooo good!!

Chocolate lick
Hot chocolate



♥  Watching the people in the lagoon do water aerobics.  It looked like so much fun!

‚ô• ¬†Watching my little man swimming and having heaps of fun. ¬†And making new friends. ¬†It was just so lovely and relaxing. ¬†And I thought often how very blessed we are to have this wonderful place in the middle of the city. ¬†And it’s completely free!

‚ô• ¬†The fabulous street performer we watched. ¬†My son is usually a very serious boy, and he was entranced watching this performer. ¬†Well actually equal parts entranced and terrified! ¬†The performer was juggling fire, and knives, and my son was highly concerned! ¬†All was good though ūüėÄ


‚ô• ¬†The wonderful crystals I picked up today. ¬†It was such an interesting experience. ¬†I was immediately drawn to a carving of a dolphin in amethyst. ¬†Amethyst is actually my birth stone, as well as being a very spiritual stone. ¬†I picked it up, intending to hold it while I thought about it, however it grew very warm in my hand, and I knew I had to have it. ¬†It’s just exquisite, and I’m so glad that I got it!

♥  And I am mostly grateful for the whole experience of being outdoors, in the sunshine, with lots of other people, enjoying life and our community.