The search for hope

This may be one of the more contentious posts that I’ve ever written.  However the intention behind writing it is to spark discussion around depression, and for us to share our suffering and experiences.

And I would like to STRONGLY preface this post by stressing this is my personal experience and struggle only.   It may be confronting for some.

It’s also a long read.


I was watching a documentary yesterday about a forest in Japan.  The documentary was voiced by the unfortunate gentleman who searches for the forest for the poor people that enter it with the intention of never coming back out.

He made mention of a sign that has been erected at the entrance of the forest, advising people to consider their family and friends, and to reach out and seek help for depression.  He said that we are never really on our own.

Having struggled my entire life with mental illness (including severe depression and anxiety) this is an emotive issue for me.

Hence my blog post today to talk about it.

My intention for this post is to share my experience, and encourage others to do the same.  In the hope that we can find hope and comfort.

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Everyday Wisdom #27

Don’t be afraid to speak out

Today’s post is dedicated to my dear friend, who revealed to me today the extent of the problem she is facing with depression since the birth of her second child.

I am very open about my struggles with depression and anxiety.  And she knew that she could talk to me and I would understand.

I don’t think that can really be overestimated – the importance of being open about our struggles and challenges.

And I don’t mean telling everyone who will stand still long enough.  

But more being willing to discuss it, and open, if the topic arises.

Sometimes you may find that people are not interested.  Or not comfortable talking about it – or listening to your story.

But sometimes you just might find you can make a difference to someone else.

Someone who is going through the same thing and just needs to talk to someone who understands.

And by talking openly – about matters such as depression and anxiety – it normalizes the experience.

Others know that it is nothing to be ashamed of.  That they have not failed in some way.  And that they too can get through it.

Talking openly promotes understanding, tolerance and hope ♥


Depression is not sobbing and crying and giving vent, it is plain and simple reduction of feeling.
People who keep stiff upper lips find that it’s damn hard to smile.
~ Judith Guest 

Everyday Wisdom #10

When life gives you lemons….

…. Burn lemon oil

Lemon essential oil not only has wonderful properties, but it also smells beautiful.

Burn lemon essential oil in an oil-burner for a wonderful and fresh start to your day.

Lemon essential oil:

  • brings a sense of warmth to a room
  • is beneficial for both physical and psychological heaviness – it stimulates the mind, increasing concentration and the ability to memorize
  • dramatically improves mental accuracy and concentration (as found by university researchers in Japan)
  • boosts immunity, inducing relaxation, and reduces depression; and
  • is an immune stimulant.