Birthday blessings

Today is my birthday (for 4.5 more hours… 🙂 )

Although I woke up this morning feeling a little glum.  I had high hopes for Christmas/Valentine’s Day/my birthday this year after meeting someone very special.  Heartbreakingly it didn’t work out, and I have been feeling it intensely lately.

So I woke up with that on my mind.

Although I soon – thankfully – came to my senses.  I didn’t want today to be about me – I wanted to make it a special day for those around me.  So I dedicated today as a day to perform extra  acts of kindness.

And I had so much fun doing it!!! ♥

I unfortunately didn’t get the opportunity to perform as many as I was hoping to, however I did get to:

♥  Visit my Great Uncle in the nursing home.  I gave him my full presence and attention, and listened very carefully to the stories he had to tell me.  It was really the most lovely visit I have had with him.

♥  Pay anonymously for a cup of coffee for an elderly person at a cafe.

♥  Buy lots of dog toys for my favourite doggy friend:


♥  Buy my brother a notebook I thought he would like.

♥  Buy my nephew a cute pair of pyjama’s.

♥  Strike up a conversation with a lovely lady in Target.  We spoke about our joy of doing jigsaw puzzles.

♥  Buy my son a few little presents that I thought he would like.

It was a real blessing for me to have the opportunity to perform these acts of kindness for those I love and care about – and the people in the community around me.



Zen & the Art of Tea Drinking

or “Buddha in a cup”

Stopping and focusing on making yourself a cup of tea (or coffee!) can be a great way of practising being present, paying attention, and slowing down.

If you are having a busy and stressful day, pausing to enjoy the process of making a cup of tea is a great way to quickly regain focus and calm.

When you drink with mindfulness, you’re connecting with millions of others who have done so over the centuries.

Follow these simple tips to make the most of your tea break!

  • Start by using filtered water if possible.
  • Place the water on to boil.  Enjoy the moment of peace and quiet while you wait for the water to boil.
  • Really notice your cup/mug.  The shape, and weight in your hands.
  • Pour the water into your cup.  Take a moment to enjoy the aroma of the tea leaves.  Notice the colour, texture, and smell. What aromas can you detect?
  • Upon taking your first sip – notice the temperature of the tea as it enters your mouth and your perception of the flavour as the tea moves from the front of your mouth to the back.


Doing this regularly throughout the day can be a great way to help you focus.  It’s a great exercise to do before you start work on something important – where you want to focus and minimise distractions. 

And best of all practising mindfulness in your everyday activities helps to decrease stress and increase happiness.


 “Zencha ichimi” – tea and Zen are one


These are a few of my favourite things…

Tonight I was spending some time thinking about my favourite things.

  • Buddhism
  • My friends (each and every single one of them ♥)
  • The colour pink
  • Gerbras (especially the pink ones)
  • My pink iPod (notice a theme developing here lol)
  • My Kindle
  • Reading in bed late at night
  • A warm bed – even in the middle of summer
  • Classical music
  • Old Musicals – like Oklahoma, South Pacific
  • My favourite coffee shop, and the lovely man (now friend) who owns it
  • Watermelon
  • Hot cups of Irish Breakfast Tea
  • Sunshine
  • Scented candles
  • Cuddles with my little boy
  • Delivering RAOK’s
  • The Kindness School
and, spreading the love a little bit here…. these blogs (and many more!):
And 1000 other things that I will save for another post ♥

What are your favourite things???


It’s moments like these….

That I can’t help but grin in delight at the sheer wonderfulness of life.

I set off to my local shops this morning hoping to deliver random acts of kindness.  I started with my very favourite coffee shop.  I thought I would pay for the coffee of the next senior citizen to visit.

I was lucky enough to receive a photo of the recipient…

It’s impossible to put into words how grateful I am that I was able to do this for her.