Life, love and everything in-between

A friend of mine and I were discussing relationships today. He shared the most breathtaking insight with me:

We build our lives together in a relationship. Our essences are entangled from the moment we commit to being a relationship; even after it disintegrates we carry a part of that person with us always. I suspect this is where our minds come in and do the comparison thing with what we have presently and with what we had in the past. They key here though is that the past is purely the past. Those moments will never be rekindled good or bad. All we can do is try and make the forward part better. Relationships are hard work. Stupid things get said, buttons are pushed. The beauty of it though is that despite all that we can choose to keep trying to be there for the other person and to commit fully to be a part of the relationship. The “enthusiasm” of a relationship ebbs and flows. The true “enthusiasm” of a relationship is to continue to be in the relationship despite the ebbs and flows.

It’s so true.

So often we can approach relationships with “small mind”. We keep track of every “wrong”, every slight hurt and slight. And we lose sight of our “big mind” which is nurturing our relationship as a whole, and giving our partner space to breathe and grow within the relationship. Without holding them accountable constantly for every small thing that they said, or did (or didn’t do!).

I try to always hold my relationships (romantic and platonic) with great metta. I’m not always successful, but I try to approach each person, and situation, with as much loving kindness and spaciousness as possible.

Because in the end you can’t “make” someone act or say or think the way you personally want them to. All you can do is giving them as much love and forgiveness and kindness as you can, and trust that they are doing the best they can at any given time.

Much love my friends ♥


An open blessing

May you be blessed today with happiness,
with joy, kindness, and good fortune.
May you be blessed with good health,
and the comfort of true friendships.
May you know peace and contentment.
And may you know that you are loved.

Love & blessings,


The gentle art of blessing

I am so incredibly grateful to my lovely friend Rosemary for buying a copy of this book for me:



” A down-to-earth and deeply inspiring work of applied spirituality, this book explores the history and practice of the act of blessing. To bless means to wish, unconditionally, for total, unrestricted good for others, from the deepest wellspring in the innermost chamber of one’s heart. This book provides tools and information that enable people to ground their spiritual practice in everyday life, in the street, the workplace, the kitchen, the supermarket, everywhere. Discussed are the law of positive expectations, the law of unconditional love, and blessing as a spiritual bath. Practised daily, the blessings provided will foster a deep and lasting inner calm.”


I can’t wait to start reading it, and will share it with you all.  I just know this book is going to change my life ♥

Love and blessings to you all dear friends

….and don’t forget to check out Rosemary’s beautiful Facebook page “A Sprinkle of Kindness



We are blessed

Today I am feeling incredibly grateful for all our neighbourhood doggy friends.

My son and I lost a lot last year.  But perhaps the most painful of all was the loss of our pet cat Dougal.  We were not able to bring him with us when we moved.  He went to a very loving home, but we still both grieve for him deeply.

I feel so fortunate though that we have made so many new friends – both human and canine.

These people and animals mean the world to us.

Amongst our wonderful doggy friends are Cassie, and Molly and Chester.

Cassie is the most beautiful old lady.  At 16 years old (112 in human years), she has lived a very happy and long life.  And she has the most beautiful and gentle spirit.  

I have had the honour of looking after her twice in recent weeks, and it’s been an absolute pleasure.

All she asks for (the same as any dog), is to be loved and hugged.








And as for Molly and Chester… these are 2 of the most loved and looked after dogs I have ever known in my life.

From having every single meal home cooked for them.  To having their own clothes hand made.  Their own pyjama’s (which also get ironed).  And pearls for Molly, and a bow-tie for Chester.

My son adores these dogs more than I can put into words.  

With his Aspergers Syndrome, he struggles to make connections.  But it’s incredibly beautiful to see how he has opened up with these dogs.