Zen and the art of domesticity

There’s so much happiness to be found in domesticity (for me at least).

Growing up I was never ambitious.  I never wanted to have a career, or study.  I just wanted to look after my family.  I had dreams of living in a country area, having lots of kids, and cooking/baking everything from scratch.  The whole cliché of bein g in a farmhouse kitchen, wearing an apron, making bread, collecting eggs from my own hens.

That life didn’t eventuate (although I still have dreams of it).

But my heartfelt desires still remain the same.

I’ve decided that every Sunday is going to be a housekeeping day for me.  A day of preparing for the week ahead.  Grocery shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning and general organisation.

Mr ISFS and I have dreams of owning our own house one day soon, so we are trying very hard to budget and live frugally.

Today I firstly put together a menu plan for the week, based largely on the fact I can now make my own noodles.

Then I went grocery shopping.  I went to our local “asian mecca” and bought lots of lovely quality asian greens, and bones to make broth.

Once I got home I started cooking for the week ahead.  I made 3 different batches of noodles.  I made beef chow mein for Mr ISFS’s lunch for the next few days.  I made a banana bread using up overripe bananas I had.  I made taco mince for Master ISFS who has very distinct ideas about what he will and won’t eat for dinner.  I cooked spicy pork mince ready for ramen I will make tomorrow night.

In a nutshell I cooked, I baked, I cleaned, and I washed clothes.

And it was one of the best days I have had in a long time.

I felt such a great sense of satisfaction – I achieved so much today for my little family.  I feel proud that we are well organised for the work week ahead.  And most importantly I have saved us lots of money by cooking everything from scratch – plus it’s much healthier!

It’s days like that that make me truly thankful ♥

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4 responses to “Zen and the art of domesticity

  1. I imagine those who abhor (classic à la “The Women’s Room) feminism having a problem with this. As a man I should bow and excuse myself. As a vegetarian ditto. 😉

    • Yes I’ve never been a feminist role model :). I feel strongly about women’s rights, but my calling has always been building a family and looking after them (runs away to hide). Thanks for your support – I really appreciate your comments 🙂

  2. judygi

    I’m a feminist and I love to cook and look after my family. I also think my family is my greatest achievement. But that’s exactly what being a feminist is all about – these are MY choices. I chose to not pursue a full time corporate job once I had kids. I chose to work from home in my own business. I choose to cook everything from scratch. No one has every told me what, as a women, I ‘should’ do – I’ve always chosen what’s right for me. And if working full time, earning heaps of money in a corporate job was what I wanted to do – then that would be my choice and it would be ok too. But it’s not – I love cooking and baking and having a well organised family but my son, daughter and husband can also cook and clean, because that’s what feminism should be all about. Females should be given the same opportunities as men – no matter what their choices. And men should be given the same opportunities as women – no matter what their choices. It’s simply about equality. So revel in your domesticity because this is a choice you have made. I imagine you might not be so happy if someone ‘told’ you that had to to do all the cooking and cleaning and it was not by choice….so maybe you are a feminist after all! 😉

    • Thank you so much Judy – I adore the way you write, and are always so supportive. It’s so true – it is purely about equality – regardless of gender, race, age, or impairments. All beings are completely equal.
      Thank you 🙂 ♥

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