I have all that I need

I celebrated my birthday late last month (the last year of my 30’s… gulp).

Leading up to my birthday to Mum asked me repeatedly what I would like as a gift.  And I struggled to answer her.  After repeated replies of “I don’t really want anything” she finally got cranky with me.  She retorted “are you really that spoiled that you can’t think of anything that you want?”

And the answer is simply yes.

I have everything that I want.  I have my family (Mr ISFS and our son).

I have a roof over my head, and food on the table.

I have more luxuries that I need (phone, laptop, iPad, TV etc).

I have my friends and my hobbies and my sports.

My heart is completely full.

To appease her though I thought very long and hard about a suggestion, and finally I came up with a clock radio (which I was then given).  And I do love it – I have cello music playing on it right now).

But it was a hard task to try to think of something.

And in a similar vein I realise my priorities in life are so much clearer these days.

I love my friends dearly, and my running and swimming.

However the most important thing in my life is my family, and always will be.

After being apart from Mr ISFS for a couple of months it’s only reaffirmed to me how important the bond is that he and I have.  It is, and will always be, my priority to nurture and protect that bond and to continue to care for our relationship.

Sometimes it comes to a point in life where you have to draw a line.  You have to decide what’s important, and where you want to focus your time and energy.  And for me, my 2 boys are all that matters.



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