No harsh (written) speech

For me “no harsh speech” is relatively easy – in it’s simplest form anyway: swearing.

I stopped swearing a long time ago.  Not that I ever did it a lot – only occasionally.  However whenever I did swear, it always triggered the exact same reaction – laughter.  Because everyone said it sounded so ridiculous to hear those words coming out of my mouth.

And it really didn’t suit me.

Once I became pregnant, it further reinforced my decision to refrain from swearing.

It just sounds so unpleasant – and there are so many other wonderful, beautiful, expressive words that we can use instead.  

Although I am digressing a little….

In keeping with my “week of right speech”, today I was being extra mindful of harsh speech, and for me that was negative words – both speaking out loud, and via written words.

It’s something I have been working on lately – to REALLY think about what I am saying, and whether I could rephrase it.

Today in talking to my ex-husbands girlfriend (long story), I quickly re-typed a couple of words as I wrote the email.  I was going to say that the weather lately (lots of rain) had been “frustrating”.  I deleted that out though and replaced it with “challenging”.

When talking to a friend earlier, I was going to say that I was sick of walking to and from school in the rain.  However I thought about that – and that didn’t really sum up how I felt.  So I re-phrased it to say that the novelty was wearing off.

It’s a really interesting practice – because at first you do have to consciously think about which words you choose to use.  And to change it from negative to positive (or at least neutral).  However it soon becomes natural.  And what we say influences how we feel.  If we speak in positive terms, it changes our thoughts, and our mood as well.


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6 responses to “No harsh (written) speech

  1. Debyl1

    I love this post.You are so right …if we speak positive it can change so much.I really want to try this.
    Thankyou for the inspiration.x

  2. The dynamics of face to face interactions can be so different from written interactions. I think, perhaps, that people are still in the learning process when it comes to the speed of reacting to written messages, typing an email and sending it off, before reflecting…… perhaps we’ve learned more tact and restraint in face to face interactions, and even in written, hard copy letters… but it seems like people, at times, still haven’t developed strong awareness of this idea/potential impact when writing emails etc… perhaps we’re in an early part of a learning curve with tech communications? We also can’t see peoples faces during emails, so can’t get that feedback and make adjustments to the choice of words, tone and content of what we’re trying to communicate.
    You’re doing so well with noticing your choice of words etc…what a nice, positive shift you’re making. (but I’m guessing that you are positive anyways! 😀 )

    • I love your contribution to my posts – thank you so much Kathy!!! :-). I really agree with that – which is why I think online bullying is so prevalent. Because it’s “faceless”. We don’t see the impact that our words are having on others.

  3. I swear more than I probably should (Ok – I shouldn’t – period).
    I should staple this to my forehead. But – that would really hurt.

    • Lol RoSy – you make me laugh :-). We are all trying as best as we can. I was quite impressed with myself – the other day I nearly got electrocuted (sparks and flames coming out of the powerpoint). And although I yelled, surprisingly it wasn’t a swear word. I must be getting somewhere! lol.

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