Mindfulness of exhaustion

Even though I am halfway through my week of concentrating on right speech, today I also found the opportunity to practice mindfulness more extensively.

The process of living is such a fascinating experience when you experience it from the aspect of the eightfold path.

Today I noticed extreme tiredness and disconnection around mid morning.

It’s true that I hadn’t slept well last night (I haven’t slept well for a long time), however this was different.  It wasn’t a sleepy tired, it was more than that.

I was booked in for a work teleconference at 11am, so I made myself a cup of tea about 30 minutes beforehand in an effort to focus my mind and wake up a bit.

And it occurred to me to question – why was I so tired?

And the answer – because I was resisting.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I dislike talking on the phone.  I mean REALLY dislike.  Apart from speaking to my mother, I will avoid all other calls as a general rule.  Text – love it!  Email – definitely.  Facebook – just try to stop me.

I realised that I was unconsciously resisting having to have this work teleconference.  For no particular reason – I liked the other caller, and have had regular pleasant dealings with her (via email :p).   

However my distinct “don’t want to” undercurrent that was in the background was making me excessively tired.

So I re framed the situation.  I spent time thinking about the opportunities in the conversation.  For connectedness, for kindness, compassion, and deep listening (yes, even in a work call).

By the time she called, I was calm and ready and enthusiastic.

And the call went really well.  And afterwards I felt GREAT.  I felt happy and lighter and more cheerful.  And I realised that was because it was such a good phone call – and the positive interaction with another person had brightened my day.  

So that was where “right speech” also came into play today.  During that conversation, and also others that I had during my day.

Blessings to you all,


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11 responses to “Mindfulness of exhaustion

  1. I love how in tune with mindfullness you are Meg. SO much more so than me. Did you know that we are more similar than you might think? I get tired, drained and disconnected too. It’s when I think too much and analyse too much and talk myself into thinking things that really may never happen or be. I so admire what you did here. I prefer txts, emails, FB, blogging….to talking, interacting etc…mainly because with txts, emails, FB and blogging…. I have time to think it through before I write. When interacting directly there is no time to think it through first. So glad the teleconference call went well. You should be very proud 🙂 Min xo

    • Oh Min, I can so much relate to what you were saying about the benefits of written speech (and the time think about what you are going to say). I think that’s why I prefer written communication over the phone. Because I care so much what people think, and want so much to help people. And I feel I can express myself more heartfully in written communication. Thank you so much for your support as always my lovely friend xo

  2. That’s interesting how you worked out the connection between feeling tired and resistance to the task at hand, very mindful indeed. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Meg, I am so proud of you that you took the time to diagnose and fix the problem. This in the end offered you a great day! Now get some real rest!!!! LOL

  4. Meg, What an incredible post! YES that was right speech! You are so insightful, Meg, to notice this — to notice and “be with it” and have some gentle curiousity about your tiredness…and then to respond. What openness, too! Love to you, Meg. Lisa

  5. Good for you… : ) ….how well you’re incorporating your “practice” into your life… brings a smile to my face… : )

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