The world through the eyes of a boy with autism

Today my whole blog post is dedicated to my little man.

As I have mentioned before on this blog, he has Aspergers Syndrome, as well as an auditory processing delay, and severe anxiety. The poor kid has a lot of challenges.

One area he really shines in though is photography.  Ever since he was 3 he’s taken really wonderful photos.

He is now 7.  Today we were walking to school, and he asked if he could have my camera.  And he decided to document the whole trip to school.

His photos are below 🙂









Footpath art

Sidewalk art

Sidewalk art





Wild Mushroom



As a parent, we all want to feel like our child is doing well, and we celebrate their successes.  My poor kid has had a lot of setbacks, but I am grateful beyond words that he is able to express himself via photography.



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19 responses to “The world through the eyes of a boy with autism

  1. Meg, I think he shows a great talent at such a young age. I was always told in regards to my brother, that when there is an illness present and it interrupts one part of the body, another part becomes very keen. I truly believe this. I hope you continue to encourage this part in him that he loves

  2. That’s really impressive, especially for 7 years old, that’s what I call talent!

  3. Wow, he certainly has a great eye for photography. How wonderful that you take the time to nurture this in him. And how wonderful that he has this avenue to express himself.

    • Thank you so much viv :-). I must admit I am especially chuffed seeings I’m a photographer myself. I’ve never pushed him though, it’s always been his choice. I love though that we share the same interest 🙂

  4. Love those pictures. Not only a great spatial eye for detail but also I love the weather there. I am full on sick of the winter and ready for spring!! Grateful you shared these today! (you are an awesome Mom):-)

  5. Bless his heart 🙂
    Nice to see glimpses of the world from a kid’s pov.

  6. Great photos…he has a good eye! What a talented child he is! Be sure to keep noticing, nurturing and appreciating the many positives! And lucky him…to have such a loving mum!

  7. I got tears reading this post Meg. Did you know that one of my boys has Aspergers Syndrome too? He is now 20. He is going to University and getting High Distinctions and Distinctions. He made the Dean’s honour list last semester. He is different to the majority of boys his age, always has been, but he is so special and incredibly smart. He has made a small group of like-minded friends at University. I’m so grateful. He can be stubborn and difficult at times but he is also very kind, thoughtful and affectionate. We have had our hard times – mainly through late primary and early high school (he was bullied)…but let me assure you…it gets better and your boy will find his niche. I don’t talk about him or his Aspergers on my bog – at his request. He is very sensitive about it. The photography I see above is amazing for a boy of 7! He has a good eye – he appreciates and wants to capture things he sees that grab his attention. This is all good! You never know – Photography may end up his occupation or remain a hobby – whatever eventuates – he will be ok. The hardest part is getting them through the school years…then it gets better. I am sure your son will find his niche and be a happy successful man in the future. Min xo

    • Oh Min, you truly have no idea how much it meant to me to read that. Being the parent (Mum) of a child with special needs is so heart wrenching. You worry about their future, and what life holds for them. I can’t tell how much that has lightened my heart – thank you!!! xo

  8. Sis, It’s awesome! May you and your little man be Well and Happy! with metta

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