Speech – the dangers and opportunities

Continuing on from my post yesterday about dedicating this week to right speech…

I really enjoyed experimenting further with this today.  I used each interaction as an opportunity to further develop my practice.

Sometimes I forgot to be mindful (and gently forgave myself).  Not that I spoke harshly, but I feel I could have made more of an effort to promote kindness.

There were occasions though that I had wonderful interactions as a result of being very mindful.

I was very aware of the intention behind my words, and also taking the opportunity to use the interaction as an opportunity for kindness.

And I felt that I had a great connection with the people that I spoke to.  One particular lady I have only briefly spoken to before at the school – however today with mindful effort we had such a great conversation!  She even put her hand on my arm several times in a gesture of friendship and connection.

I also noticed one of the teachers absent-mindedly rubbing her neck as she walked past me.  So I asked her if she was okay, and whether she had a sore neck.  She was surprised at first as she hadn’t been aware that she was doing it, but said that yes, she did have a sore neck.  And she was touched that I’d asked.

I love how the eightfold path can be incorporated in daily life.

Blessings, Meg

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5 responses to “Speech – the dangers and opportunities

  1. Spread you light Meg! We all need more of it.

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