Birthday blessings

Today is my birthday (for 4.5 more hours… 🙂 )

Although I woke up this morning feeling a little glum.  I had high hopes for Christmas/Valentine’s Day/my birthday this year after meeting someone very special.  Heartbreakingly it didn’t work out, and I have been feeling it intensely lately.

So I woke up with that on my mind.

Although I soon – thankfully – came to my senses.  I didn’t want today to be about me – I wanted to make it a special day for those around me.  So I dedicated today as a day to perform extra  acts of kindness.

And I had so much fun doing it!!! ♥

I unfortunately didn’t get the opportunity to perform as many as I was hoping to, however I did get to:

♥  Visit my Great Uncle in the nursing home.  I gave him my full presence and attention, and listened very carefully to the stories he had to tell me.  It was really the most lovely visit I have had with him.

♥  Pay anonymously for a cup of coffee for an elderly person at a cafe.

♥  Buy lots of dog toys for my favourite doggy friend:


♥  Buy my brother a notebook I thought he would like.

♥  Buy my nephew a cute pair of pyjama’s.

♥  Strike up a conversation with a lovely lady in Target.  We spoke about our joy of doing jigsaw puzzles.

♥  Buy my son a few little presents that I thought he would like.

It was a real blessing for me to have the opportunity to perform these acts of kindness for those I love and care about – and the people in the community around me.



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16 responses to “Birthday blessings

  1. Happy Bday Meg!!
    God Bless!! 🙂

  2. Sue

    Happy Birthday, Megan. I hope it’s the start of a wonderful year for you. Sue xx

  3. I wish you the happiest of birthdays my friend. I hope that you enjoyed your special day because you really deserve it! I think the way you spent your birthday says a lot about you. You are far more concerned about the happiness of others rather than your own happiness. That is why you are such a wonderful person!

  4. I’m glad you didn’t spend your entire birthday being sad. Be well — be happy! 🙂

  5. Oh… I wish you a happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead…with abundant blessings and happiness throughout the year. You bring happiness to so many and your generosity will come back to bless you…. : )

  6. Acts of kindness = smiles & happy hearts
    Blessings to you!

  7. Have a wonderful birthday! Best of days ahead for you! 🙂

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