My gratitude journal 🙂

The Monastery Within

Today (3 weeks into my gratitude challenge! 😀 ), I am grateful for:

♥  Toast with vegemite for breakfast.  I know I should really eat something a little healthier – and generally I do – but I do adore my vegemite toast 😀

♥  A surprise gift for a friend.  I left a card and a bar of lovely lavender soap at her door as a surprise.

♥  Grooving away to 80’s songs on the radio while I worked in the school library.

♥  The absolutely DELIGHTFUL little friend that my son has at school.  This boy is truly an angel.  He is the most sweet and lovely child – he ran up to say hi to me when he saw me at school.  Then ran off to find my son to tell him I was there.  And he’s such a good friend to my little boy.  I just adore…

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