I don’t have time to rush

I’ve been really enjoying a journey of personal growth lately (or should I say increased personal growth).

I’m so grateful for the people I have spoken to, the wonderful conversations, the books I have read, the talks I have listened to.

One today really resonated with me.  And that was about not living our lives in a trance.  

And it’s so easily done – to live in a trance.  We are busy, we are stressed, and we are largely operating on automatic pilot.

When we live this way, we are not living according to our deepest intentions and aspirations.  We are merely treading water.

Thinking of an interaction you had with someone else today.  What was the intention behind your words and behaviour?  Were you trying to gain something?  Get your point across?  Or was it mainly just automatic pilot with no purpose?

This is something I have been asking myself a lot lately at the end of the day.  Looking back over the interactions I have had with others.

And there is no right or wrong answer.  However by focusing on this question, and really questioning our interactions, we strengthen the ability to act according to our intentions.

It’s the same as looking back over our day.  Where we really present for it?  Or where we in a trance?  Just keeping our heads down and forging on?

I was reminded of this today on the walk home with my son.  It had been a busy day working at his school, and I was tired and somewhat pre-occupied.  I noticed a bicycle coming towards us from the opposite direction, and moved over on the path to give them room to pass.  And that was about as much attention as I gave the moment.  My son however was much more mindful, and asked me if I had seen the baby on the back of the bicycle (in the baby seat).  And I hadn’t at all.  It was a stark reminder to me to just stay in the present moment (and get out of my own head 🙂 ).

Something else I was reminded of today was the fact that we all seem to be rushing.  I am extra guilty of this – even walking home from school, I’m walking smartly.  Like I have somewhere to be.  Where the place I need to be is right HERE.  In the moment.

We spend so much of our lives like that – in a rush.  Racing towards some imagined deadline.

And what we are doing is missing life along the way.

So my motto today is “I don’t have time to rush”.

I choose to be present for life.

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13 responses to “I don’t have time to rush

  1. It really is a learning process isn’t it? To slow down and stop hurrying. I catch myself all the time, feeling like I should be moving faster, getting there quicker, rather than just enjoying what is happening, because that is all that there is!! Thank you Meg for such a great post!

    • Thank you Jon :-). This is such a work in progress for me – it’s so deeply ingrained to rush all the time. That seed is planted in us from when we are kids. And I am aware that I have done the same to my son – who absolutely refuses to be rushed. It’s always something that has frustrated me, but I see that really he has much greater wisdom than I 🙂

  2. excellent advice and post

  3. brendamarroy

    I love the motto and wrote it down so I can see it and remember it. Great post. 🙂

  4. ayearoflivingwisely

    Cycling everywhere has helped me become much more aware of my surroundings. I hear nature around me, watch the people passing by and feel very sorry for all those people trapped alone in the metal boxes we call cars, which are often people’s second homes. I wish I had started biking a long time ago!

  5. I’m taking a weekly class called “Mind in Real Time” …a wonderful inquiry class where we question our ideas about “time.” I shared your quote there yesterday… “I don’t have time to rush”… we all appreciated your idea. : )

  6. ‘…not living our lives in a trance,’ thanks for this observation, it brings to mind that quality of mindful alertness

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