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10 responses to “Not-knowing


    Don’t assume you can trust every moment you meet
    Or you will die of disappointment

    Don’t assume you can’t trust any moment
    Or you will die without love

    Just learn to meet each moment as if it were new

    Because it is

  2. brendamarroy

    You are so right. The more I know how much I don’t know the lighter I become. It’s okay to not know.

    • Brenda – I so much agree with that! However I find it surprisingly difficult – at least it is for me. I think it stems from being a (reformed) control freak. A lot of my fear and anxiety comes from uncertainty about the future. So I am definitely trying to develop a “not-knowing” mind. Blessings, Meg

  3. It is very liberating, not having to know …

  4. Beautiful image and quote.

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