Look for the good



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6 responses to “Look for the good

  1. I have to each day find at least one little good thing or else the world would b in blackness

  2. Meg, this line has totally been on my heart over the last two months! I talked about “noticing the good” in the workshop that I facilitated last month at work, An Attitude of Gratitude. YES YES YES — we can change our brains. Literally. How they are wired and how they fire. It takes practice and discipline, though, because we have a biased toward the negative — we are just wired that way. BUT that negative wiring doesn’t have to be the ONLY wiring we have! So so awesome, MEg. As always i am inspired by you and how you live and love. Lisa http://www.barefootbarn.com

    • Thank you so so much Lis!!!! I usually write my blog entries as a reminder to myself. It is tough! I’ve felt lately that something is blocking my happiness – that I am numb in some way. So I’ve been working towards moving past that. And a lot of it is to do with starting a gratitude journal (here). And just trying trying trying. And looking for the magic! As you so wonderful reminded me. I really take so much from your posts. So often through the day I think of you and am reminded to just soften and ALLOW. And notice the moment. Especially if I am feeling frustrated. I just remember to stop fighting against myself and all the things I want to achieve. And just allow the present moment. And focus on my son. Because those moments are so fleeting! PS Do you have any notes from your workshop? I would love love LOVE to read them. Much love, Meg

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