Savour life slowly

These days we have an abundance of luxuries – food, entertainment, and possessions.

How often though do we stop to truly appreciate and savour what we have?  And to notice and appreciate what is going on around us?

True happiness lies in appreciating and enjoying what we have, not striving for what we don’t have.

By savouring life, we are also developing healthy habits to build emotional resilience.  This resilience increases our emotional reserves and provides us with a greater ability to withstand the stressors we encounter in life.

There are so many areas of our lives where we can just savour the experience.

Next time you make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, aim to drink it with no other distractions.  Don’t drink it while you watch TV, or read a book, or surf the net (or drive your car).

Take the time to simply enjoy it.

Drink it slowly, with your eyes closed, fully appreciating the aroma and the taste .

This mindfulness can be applied to so many experiences.  Eating a piece (piece, not block!!) of very good quality chocolate.  Letting it melt in your mouth, noticing its earthiness, the richness of its texture as it melts in your mouth.

Reading a blog post, article, newspaper or book very slowly – really noticing each word.

The key is not to rush through these activities. 

So much of our life is spent multi-tasking, or working to deadline.  We are missing the simple beauty of the many every day moments in our lives.

When we can stop – really STOP –  and fully appreciate what we are doing, we can find lasting contentment and happiness.

Savour everything you do, every experience, every meal, every interaction.


Because every single moment of every single day – whether those moments are good or bad – is a gift.


Sweet are the thoughts that savour of content
~ Robert Greene



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14 responses to “Savour life slowly


    I spent the morning in heaven
    I spent the afternoon in hell
    In the evening I sat in the garden
    Serenely sipping lemon tea
    And listening to the birds

  2. Meg, I love the line about savoring this moment — whether it is good or bad (in quotes)…it is ALL a blessing, a gift. I am sitting with that lately– it ALL is a GIFT. And learning, practicing, allowing it to be and see it, experience it, as gift. Love you, Lisa

  3. Thank you so very much for this post. I needed that reminder today.

  4. I love this post, and it really speaks to me. All to often we rush through every moment of life to “get more done”….truly appreciating the beauty that surrounds us each day takes time to stop, slow down and savour!! Just loved this post!

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