I am in love with this video….

Uplifting, funky, positive, perfect ♥


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12 responses to “Luminescent

  1. Yaz

    I haven’t heard of this band before…you’re right, it IS an uplifting song, its almost as if they’re lighting up a darkened house with their music, walking through, singing and bringing light! Thanks for this! I’ll save it in my music folder.

  2. Thank you for that lovely comment Yaz! :-). I really adore this song – I only discovered it tonight, and I’ve already listened to it a dozen times. It is so uplifting 🙂

  3. djtoasterbiscuit

    Reblogged this on DJ Toaster Biscuit and commented:
    I absolutely love this song. It makes me giddy and happy to be alive. And, upon seeing this video, I love the song that much more. I really wish I had been there for the filming of this video.

  4. I love this song and video as well! I heard it when it first came out on Pandora during my morning commute, and I almost wrecked my car trying to give it the thumbs up! 😀

  5. They are one of my favorite new bands – I just can’t get enough of this song!! 😀

  6. Great song and uplifting video! I’ll forward this along to my h. and d….they’ll like it too!

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