Stillness, stability and balance

Today I wanted to share my very favourite guided meditation, from the wonderful Mary Maddux at Meditation Oasis.


In the swirl of activity and the intense demands of life, it’s easy to lose ones center. It can be challenging to maintain a sense of stability and balance. Our latest podcast meditation is designed to help you experience stillness in the midst of busyness, and then to create a stable reference point within that stillness.

The meditation helps focus and steady the mind. 



I find this meditation so deeply soothing.   It’s wonderful to use when you are feeling stressed and agitated, and need to “come back to yourself” and find peace and stability.

Click here to listen to this wonderful meditation.

Or click here to find Meditation Oasis on iTunes.



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2 responses to “Stillness, stability and balance

  1. Gigi wanders

    Thanks for this.
    The ocean pic reminds me of Noosa.

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