Creating your own happiness

I just read this wonderful blog post 7 things to look for if you want more happiness.

The blog post contained the following key points on finding happiness by looking for:


  • the best within yourself. We all have strengths and positive attributes; knowing and using them will benefit you and those around you
  • the best within others. This is obviously an extension of the previous point and goes to creating better quality relationships, at home and at work
  • the best in the world around you. Don’t be deceived by the night time news. There’s no doubt there’s trouble and misery in the world but there’s also no doubt there are wonderful people doing wonderful things each and every day
  • Beauty and awesomeness. It’s there if you look for it!
  • Positive solutions to difficult problems. We all face adversity from time to time but those who look for positive outcomes are more likely to feel resilient and happy despite being challenged
  • Balance and perspective when assessing life. Many troubles are not as bad as they might at first seem and many positives could be appreciated and enjoyed more
  • Something new each and every day. Happiness comes from learning and loving learning and enjoying the wonders of curiosity and amazement


How do you find happiness in your life?

I would love to hear people’s experiences.

Personally I:

  • Take each moment as it comes.  Looking at it as neither “good” nor “bad”, but “just is”.  If the moment is difficult I put my head down and just get through it.  If the moment is enjoyable, I enjoy it as fully as I can.
  • Try to focus on the present moment.  And not worry about the “what if’s”.  It’s taken me a long tine to accept that I don’t have control over the future.  I don’t even have control really over the present!  All I can do is look for the positives in each situation.
  • Find comfort, beauty and joy in the company of others.


Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open. 
John Barrymore 


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7 responses to “Creating your own happiness

  1. Yaz

    Thanks for a lovely up-lifting post. I try to do what you do, but am not always successful. Just human I suppose.

  2. i have always struggled with the what if’s in life, but I am slowly changing it, as too many tell me it does no good, and they are right, we can not live the future, only the present

  3. Hugs to you my lovely friend. Shaz

  4. Great uplifting post. Thanks for the reminder to let go of the stresses of everyday life and just enjoy.

  5. Wonderful post. As always. Thank you.

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