Everyday Wisdom #94

We are comfortable in the cocoon we’ve built up around ourselves — the routines and possessions and people we know and places that are familiar and safe.

Losing this comforting environment, and going into a place where we’re vulnerable and might fail is painful and scary.  

We cling to the idea of how things should be, and when they change, we feel the pain of that change.  

The change itself isn’t the problem — it’s fighting the change, fearing the change, and not wanting things to be different.


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5 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #94

  1. you have described my life pretty well. i don’t like change but god has wanted me to adapt with everything we go through with my brother

  2. Oh Meg!Sorry i just can’t seem to maintain CONSISTENCY in posting on my blog.Saw ur post today and wanted to reply as soon as possible.I am sure i have missed alot of important stuff all these days being posted on your blog all this while.Awwwww…..SHOOT!
    People are compelled to change because life changes.There are uphills and slippery slides down the path of life.But that change has to be absorbed in order to survive.Sometimes the change is undertaken willingly, mostly unwillingly.
    But we can never keep up with the pace of change in life.The best method is to believe in something so staunchly that no change in our life is able to jitter us.It could be spiritual (God), internal(Inner feelings of strength and courage), or external (People in our lives who are a living example of surviving the tempest with utmost ease, our ideals, our relations,acquaintances…).
    Not everyone is strong against the storm of change.Therefore, mostly a few brave men plunge into this sea, in order to bring the underwater jewels for the rest of us, risking their lives.Only the soldiers respond to the change and shift of power, only true leaders (instinct today) change themselves and ultimately lead the whole nations and societies towards positive change in their countries, and only an inventor could lead the entire human race towards era of advancement and convenient modern technologies.
    I find myself not amongst those few good men,I am not ashamed.I have something staunch to hold onto when life is brutal.And no battle is hard to fight there on.
    But i know one thing very well, i will always be reluctant to change.Not beyond my morals, values, and capacity.

  3. I love the pic.Which place is this?

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