The Sunday Wrap-Up

This blog post is dedicated to all the things I have enjoyed, and been grateful for this past week ♥


My favourite blog post

A Primer on Full-Screen Living, by Leo Babauta.

I adore all of Leo’s posts.  Each one he writes from experience, and each one always seems so relevant to my life.

This post offers us an alternative to the way we normally live our lives – by multitasking – and instead gives a different perspective – by living a “full screen life”.


Favourite YouTube clip

It’s an oldie, but this week I thoroughly enjoyed watching it again…

It’s a Hard Knock Life, from Annie the Musical


Favourite book

The Secret to Happiness (Hugo the Happy Star Fish).

A wonderful (currently FREE) e-book for kids.


Favourite Facebook page

A Sprinkle of Kindness

My lovely friend Rosemary created this page to spread kindness through our community.  Each day she posts beautiful and touching messages and photos.


Favourite Podcast

Meditation as a Mirror to Ourselves


And my favourite personal moments from this week:

Riding my bike to and from school, with my son riding his scooter along side me.

Baking choc chip cookies.

Sitting meditating in the sunshine.

Spending a few moments each evening detailing what I am most grateful for that day.

Laughing with friends.


I would love to hear what your favourite moments of the week have been.

Comment below, or join me on Facebook

Love & blessings,



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A page created to help spread love and kindness and positivity. Dedicated to making this world a better place, and making a difference in people's lives.

4 responses to “The Sunday Wrap-Up

  1. Thanks for sharing your faves.

    A favorite of mine this week was taking the week off from work. I spent some time with just me (& the pup) while hubby was at work & the kids were at school. It was a nice breather from the every day hustle & bustle of life.

  2. brendamarroy

    I’ve had many so let me narrow it down to the top three.
    1. While sitting outside Saturday morning, a hummingbird flew up to me and my husband and hovered in front of our faces. This was the 3rd time this hummingbird has done this so we decided it wanted to be fed. I made some nectar with organic raw sugar and put out a feeder and he now is coming by throughout the day.
    2. I made mine and my husbands favorite muffins: spelt flour, bananas, walnuts, carob chips, and applesauce.
    3. Hubby and I had a divine motorcycle ride yesterday. We stayed in the Blue Ridge Mountains all day and my heart was filled to overflowing.

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