People that inspire me ~ Martin Smith

The people I find inspiring are those who embody the traits that I value – kindness, generosity, compassion and positivity.  And I feel incredibly grateful to have very inspirational people around me – both in real life, and on the world wide web.

In this blog post I would like to pay recognition to Martin Smith.

Martin Smith is an Ambulance Officer, single dad, and the creator and illustrator of the “Wuff and Ready” Adventure stories.


Wuff and Ready are a range of colour children’s books designed to represent the real heroes in our community.

Martin is dedicated to spreading the message of kindness and compassion to the next generation of young children.

And as such, Martin started on a mission to change the world.  To give kids real heroes, no violence, happy endings, and to show compassion is a strength that all real heroes have.

The books feature a host of inspiring characters.  Ed and Elle are fire fighters on big truck 2, Bruce the turtle and Courtney the mouse are the paramedics from the Wagapaw ambulance service.

Martin’s aim is to provide kids with heroes with a heart that they can look up to.

And as Martin says: “Real hero’s open their hand to help another, not use a clenched a fist….. that’s ‘Wuff and Ready’ ”

For more information on Martin, please visit:

Wuff and Ready Adventure Stories


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