I am me

I am soft, yet I am strong.

I love deeply, and I hurt just as deeply.

I am funny, and quirky, and goofy,

and I am fragile, and vulnerable and afraid.

I smile readily,

yet I have experienced agony.

I am learning to accept myself,

as I am.

I am me….

and that is enough.




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13 responses to “I am me

    • Thank you Joss :-). It is a little confronting to put my thoughts into words, and bare my soul this way, but I’ve come to a few realisations in recent weeks. Following time of intense grieving. I’ve come out the other side a different and stronger person šŸ™‚

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  2. Perhaps a little mantra of that?…. “in this moment, I am enough”


    I spent the morning in heaven
    I spent the afternoon in hell
    In the evening I sat in the garden
    Serenely sipping lemon tea
    And listening to the birds

  4. i loved this. this is what i am trying to work on myself about. getting back to finding who i am. i just don’t know who i am, i have been caring for my brother so long i forget…….

    • Thank you so much Terry :-). It’s had a lot of self analysis in the last 2 weeks following my partner ending our relationship. And I’ve come out the other side and I realise that I am still a good person, and I am proud to be me. That I just have to have confidence in myself :-). My thoughts are with you ā™„

      • and mine are with you also. i know about ending relationships, they are tough, no matter who made the choice to change it. i am always here and am going through finding me, and hope i do as well as u did!!

  5. Enough, indeed! I agree that this could be a great affirmation. Welcome back! I know that there is likely to still be quite a lot of pain left, but it is clear to me that you are working, loving, and healing through it. Way to go, my friend!

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