The world’s kindest traveller

It warmed my heart to open my news page and see this wonderful story – The World’s Kindest Traveller

Prior to finding this story, I saw an editorial piece which was proud to criticize the performance of our Aussie Olympic Athletes.  And it made me sad that that was considered newsworthy (or indeed acceptable).

So it was such a joy to find that article in there as well 🙂

22-year-old Daniel had a string of free flights under his belt so took to Reddit, offering to travel all over the world to do favours for those in need.

During his 11 weeks, he visited four countries and took in several US cities, helping people with tasks such as washing a car for a family whose son had Down’s Syndrome in to moving couches in and packing boxes.

Read the full story here

Love & blessings to you all dear friends 





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3 responses to “The world’s kindest traveller

  1. A great story & a great person!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fantastic story! Thank you for passing it along.

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