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Soul Writings


Close your eyes:  Breathe deeply, slow yourself down and when you feel ready…………. Slowly

  • Imagine the wall in front of you,
  • the wall behind you
  • Bring yourself back to your center (Whatever that means to you)
  • Imagine the wall on the left,
  • the wall on the right
  • Now Bring yourself back to center.
  • Imagine the floor beneath you,
  • the ceiling above you.
  • Bring yourself back to your center! 

Now Open your eyes and notice how you are , grounded, safe and secure in your physical body!

You could now do a relaxation exercise or a meditation to relieve all stress, all tension and instill confidence, calmness and total relaxation throughout your entire Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self.

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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