Everyday Wisdom #70

Affection and a calm mind are important to us. A calm mind is good for our physical health, but it also enables us to use our intelligence properly and to see things more realistically. Affection too is important because it counters anger, hatred and suspicion that can prevent our minds from functioning clearly.

Dalai Lama


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2 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #70

  1. Megan i was away from ur blog, but my sixth sense indicated you need support and help.I was wrong:YOU HAVE PLENTY OF IT WITHIN YOU!
    If this was the pain you were experiencing, then dear friend, you are lucky!Lucky because pain which comes from God only for our betterment we are unaware of, is better than human inflicted one.God rewards you more than you bear, unlike humans.God is nearest to you, knows the intensity of your pain and how you feel, and can also help you.We humans can never access the pain u bear, and are helpless too.Pain has brought you closer to the Creator!
    All of us are sitting on time bombs in our lives waiting for them to explode anytime.But those who believe they won’t explode make it happen.Keep the faith, and it will turn around!Care, Prayer & Hugs….

    • Thank you so much lovely!!! No it was the pain and grief of a relationship ending. I have been blessed though that we have been able to put it back together again, and it’s stronger than before.

      You have such beautiful and heartfelt advice and wisdom.

      I am blessed to have you my dear friend ♥

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