Giving thanks to the Universe

I feel so incredibly blessed, and so grateful.

For the wonderful things currently happening in my life.

It’s hard to even put into words, but I’ve been reminded recently of how wonderful the universe is, and even if you go through hard times (sometimes very hard times), there is always something better waiting for you.

This post by my lovely friend Nicole, on patience and right timing, also resonated with me this week.

In her post she reminds us “You ARE supported and well-loved, and there IS a magic and a wisdom to the way things unfold for us.”

I truly believe this.

The past 10 years, and the events of last year particularly after my husband left, were unspeakably difficult and challenging.

However I have now found happiness that I never knew could be possible.

I feel like everything I went through was worth it – because as bad as things were then, they are good now, if not better.

For those who are currently suffering, please know that better things are coming to you.  

Just believe, and have faith.

And let your friends support you along the way.

Look forward to the wonderful times that are coming.

And trust in the Universe.




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A page created to help spread love and kindness and positivity. Dedicated to making this world a better place, and making a difference in people's lives.

8 responses to “Giving thanks to the Universe

  1. Daniel

    It’s funny you should post something along these lines. I have recently separated from the mother of my children and the kids live with her.

    Reading something like this is very uplifting. Thank you.

  2. Ask. Believe. Receive. -The Secret
    xoxoxo–so glad you are reaping blessings, my dear Meg. You so deserve them!!

  3. i felt like this was for me and took it to heart. thanks for sharing

  4. Bright Blessings to you, beautiful soul xx

  5. That is what I needed to read. Thank you ❤

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