The Happy Bus

I couldn’t resist sharing this wonderful video.

His facebook page fan says:

This is an appreciation page for THE ‘Happy Bus’ Driver.

I’ve had him as a driver a number of times now, on Brisbane 385/380 services and he is a God among men. I actually can’t think of someone who more effectively brightens bus loads of people’s days.

If you’ve had him as a driver you’ll know what I’m tlaking about, if you haven’t be assured he is a truly fantastic man and in no manner can I over exaggerate how cool he is.

So yeah tell your stories about the ‘Happy Bus’ driver and share the love around. So for all intents and purposes let’s just have a big love in on the basis of The ‘Happy Bus’ Driver …



I am so inspired by this – a one man happy movement ♥

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9 responses to “The Happy Bus

  1. MindMindful

    a testament to just how much difference one person can make, by spreading happiness through their work. Thanks for this!

  2. We surely need to have him here in Canberra! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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