Learning humility

I feel privileged to have read just another one of Andy Smallman‘s exquisite blog posts.

In the blog post, he discusses those parts of ourselves that we see as “flaws”.  And he questions whether it is those same flaws that make us unique, even beautiful.

He also questions the purpose of our flaws, asking:

Is it to teach me humility, remind me that I’m not perfect and should therefore not expect perfection in others?

Is it to provide me something to work on, to grow from, to better myself, knowing I will never be able to “fix” everything?

Seen this way, then they are not flaws at all but an important part of who I am.


If you haven’t already read it, I urge you to read the full blog post.



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4 responses to “Learning humility

  1. why is it so hard for us humans to accept our flaws? people get all kinds of medical implants and change their nose or something. God made us perfect in his eyes, but we can not see this

  2. Wonderful! Thank you!


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