Everyday Wisdom #59

What are we practicing?

The painful thing is that when we buy into disapproval, we are practicing disapproval.

When we buy into harshness, we are practicing harshness.

The more we do it, the stronger these qualities become.

How sad it is that we become so expert at causing harm to ourselves and others.

The trick then is to practice gentleness and letting go. We can learn to meet whatever arises with curiosity and not make it such a big deal.


Pema Chodron
When Things Fall Apart


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3 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #59

  1. Hi,

    Pema chodron is so practical. Mind if I use this one on my blog?



  2. Thank you, again Meg, for this short but profound quote and gem of wisdom for our everyday life. Yes…whatever the seed is that we plant, it grows. I needed this reminder today. Pema is big on “no big deal.” I love her work and bow to her crisp and “laser like” truths and gems.

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