Everyday Wisdom #58

Jigsaw puzzles as meditation

There are so many opportunities in everyday life to practice meditation or mindfulness (or both).

One of my favourites is by doing a jigsaw puzzle.

When I was a teenager, before I was even aware of buddhism, or meditation, I used to find great benefit in doing jigsaw puzzles.

My mind would become incredibly still and clear.

Thoughts would slow, and I would become extremely present.

It’s only since learning more, that I’ve realised that I was actually practising a form of meditation in doing these jigsaw puzzles.

So today, give it a go.

Find a large space where you can do a jigsaw puzzle uninterrupted (coming back to it over days/weeks as required).

Allow your mind to become still as you pour over the pieces.  

Breathe slowly and allow your eyes to take in the colours, shapes, patterns and sequences.  


My favourite puzzle is trying to work out the parts myself, after all it is a solo effort.
Adrian Belew

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9 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #58

  1. i used to do puzzles with my dad when he was still alive. i haven’t thought of them for years, but maybe i will try picking it up again. thanks for the suggestion

  2. MindMindful

    I agree! I agree!! Puzzles of all kinds make EXcellent mindfulness tools, yessiree — using both sides of the brain, creating One from the Many, holding your consciousness in this very moment. Nice post!

  3. MindMindful

    Reblogged this on MindMindful and commented:
    I’ve long advocated puzzles as great MindfulnessTools — read here!

  4. I have always loved puzzles but never thought it was kind of meditation. Just two months ago, someone asked me if I have ever done meditation and I said no, but since then, I realize I’ve been meditating all my life in many different ways

    • Oh I love that Nikky! And it’s so true! Meditation isn’t always sitting down on a cushion, in a lotus (or half lotus) pose. It’s the small moments in everyday life. Where we stop. Breathe. And refocus on ourselves.

  5. Hi Meg!Sorry i was away from blogging for a while.It’s a great idea, cause i also loveee jigsaws…..They initiate my thought process interestingly….

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