The pieces of the puzzle

This morning I feel incredibly grateful to have witnessed the most amazing thing…

But first I should preface this blog post so it makes sense.

My gorgeous 6yo little boy has Aspergers Syndrome.  

And recently a cognitive assessment showed a borderline intellectual disability.

To me though, it makes no difference.  The “labels” that have been placed upon him.

He is my son

He is beautiful, and sweet and kind and gentle.

And I love him more than life itself.

I accept his limitations, and encourage him and support him.  However I am also realistic with what he is capable of.

Which is what made this morning so special.

He was given a “challenge game” for his birthday.  Where you have to fit the pieces in the right order so they all match.  Kind of like a rubix cube.

The instructions with the game say: “This travel sized, single player game is great for almost any age!  It is suitable for children from age 6 through to adults.  Work your way through the various levels of difficulty, enhancing your concentration, problem solving, sequential thinking and hand-eye coordination skills”

This morning, in front of my eyes, he completed the puzzle.

All by himself.

This is something I have not even been able to achieve!  And the 2nd time he did it (in a row!) I had my camera handy.

It was a truly wonderful moment, and I am incredibly and immensely proud of him ♥

To me it was better than winning lotto.










Children make you want to start life over. 

~Muhammad Ali



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21 responses to “The pieces of the puzzle

  1. Wow, I am tearing up. Both that your son did this and how you delight in him and love him so deeply. And how deeply he loves you and regards you. What a pair.

  2. excellent! what a proud mom u felt at that moment

  3. Hi,

    absolutely right, don’t mind labels.

    the Problems your son has are no different than the problems of other people, including you and me. The only difference is that they are less accepted and not integrated in our society. It is like not speaking the same language. You are showing unconditional love, that is the ultimately the best. You can however also show him that society will not be easy for him, because society is different, I explained it to my son ( I am an MD and I have a son with similar problems) by giving him the following question when he was 5 years old: If you learn to drive a car, do you do that in a Ferari? He laughed and explained to me that that would be a very studid thing to do because you would constantly hit things because it is very difficult to control a racing car. So explained him that his was exactly his problem, his brain is perfect, only more difficult to control than the brain of others. That is why he is often so ” normal” .

    He is now 22 yo still improving his “driving”, relatively happy and increasing. His intelligence is also his handicap, he is very good in fooling himself and others, but he knows that we love him more than that he is capable of loving himself. He’ll get there, if not in this life, it will be in the next.

    A huge improvement to support self confidence and loving one self is meditation, also with little kids. Do you meditate? do you considder doing it with him? We started it much too late, my son was 20, but it has a profound effect.

    a lot of metta for you and your son


    • Francois – thank you so much for that insightful and very wise comment. I totally agree with that. That was summed up so beautifully.

      I do meditate, and have introduced my son to it as well. It’s a little bit of a work in progress, as his attention span is very limited, but we are slowly increasing the time which is wonderful.

      Thank you again.

      Much metta and blessings,

  4. As I have had quite a lot of contact with people who have had this label bestowed upon, both personally and professionally, I think I can feel at least a little of your joy and excitement. May you both have many more of such moments.

  5. Excellent! I am Truly Happy for you! Namaste!

  6. Son

    I have learned that nothing is impossible in this life. I am so happy for you 🙂

  7. ZenSoapbox

    How wonderful. What a great story. Thank you for sharing it with us. You know, in a world in which Helen Keller existed, I am convinced that each person is capable of doing whatever they set their mind to. The only limits are the ones we place on ourselves. And labels are completely meaningless. _/\_

  8. Magnificent!!! How amazing your boy is!! Your son’s perspective is but one more gateway to the extraordinarily expansive intelligence that precedes and animates all life in this universe. Brava to you for encouraging him to embrace his perspective rather than doubt it. That’s love of the purest form. xoxo to you both!!

  9. You have all the right to be a proud mother. Much love ❤

  10. Donna May

    Wow! As Samuel’s teacher, I can confirm that not only is Megan an inspirational, kind and caring person but so is Sam. It’s a pleasure working with both of them. I am very impressed by Sam’s ability to solve the problem. What a legend! I’m going to get him working on some in the classroom.
    Donna May

  11. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience as a parent and as a human with us. Your son and you are both very lucky to be able to learn so much from each other and to be in each other’s lives. I wish for both of you many more achievemeents and ever greater inner peace!

    May you continue to help heal the world with your words and actions.


  12. I just realized I hadn’t yet clicked your “Follow” button. Silly me! It’s clicked now.

    My beloved wife is a Special Ed teacher for a mixed class of Kindergartners and First Graders. She LOVES her job and LOVES and respects her students, and it is clear the feeling is mutual.


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