Everyday Wisdom #54

“When someone is suffering deeply within themselves, their suffering spills over and they start making others suffer as well. What they truly need is our help, not punishment.” 

Thich Nhat Hanh


I saw this great quote today, and it really struck a chord with me.

It’s so true in so many situations.

Today I saw a news article on my local news website – it was a photograph of a man that police believe could “assist them with their enquiries” in regards to a hold up.  

Looking at the photo it made me think about this person.  What has driven him to that desperate act?  Where he would rob a bottle shop?  Or at least attempt to.

What suffering and pain must he be experiencing?  That would cause him to commit this act, and thus transfer his suffering to others.

I felt a deep sense of compassion for this person, and the people who’s lives he affected as well.

For me it also applied to another situation I faced today.

I was feeling a little upset and hurt that I had not heard from someone.  

I had made the situation all about me – and how I was feeling sad.  And what I needed.  Reading this quote though snapped me out of my malaise.  This person is going through a rough time, and needs my support and understanding more than ever.

And really, that is true of nearly everyone in our lives.




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8 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #54

  1. I love this post, and I have that same attitude in general. I try to think of the reasons that pushed a person to do something bad and hurt others. I was always called the Devil\s advocate.
    I love the photo! There are so many days I just wish someone would send those 3 words are you OK?

  2. that was a great blog. we tend to look at ourselves, it is our human nature, but for you to turn it around and look at how others are suffering and may need your help is fabulous!

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