My Grateful Challenge

This afternoon I was reading a wonderful article on Hailey Bartholomew, and the 365 Grateful Project.

She says that:

“What started out as a chore became a gift that changed the way I looked at the world.  Just having the camera physically with me every day caused a shift in the way I was thinking.  Previously I was concentrated on the negative, but doing this made me consciously look for the positive.  That process literally changed the way my brain was working, shifting it from always focusing on the bad to the good.

About three months into the project, I woke up one day and bounded out of bed.  I just sort of leapt out, ready for the day, excited about it, and that hadn’t happened for such a long time.  I remember thinking that morning, this is unusual – and I realised I was happy.  This project saved me”

It has inspired me to start my own Grateful Project.

Today I am grateful for:

A beautiful, clear and crisp Autumn Day (with a distinct flavour of winter).

A perfect daisy.

A knitting/craft afternoon with my neighbour.

My partner, and his love and support.


I would be honoured if you followed my progress on my Facebook page.

Love & blessings to you all ♥



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A page created to help spread love and kindness and positivity. Dedicated to making this world a better place, and making a difference in people's lives.

6 responses to “My Grateful Challenge

  1. Ahhhh, you are inspiring ME to do something similar! You got my creative juices flowing! I look forward to reading and seeing what you are grateful for! Love to you dear one, Lisa

  2. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award because you have a beautiful blog and you inspire me!! If you wish to take part please see the link below, if not – I would just like to say a big thank you for the joy you bring 🙂


  3. You know what, whatever she said was so true, photography makes you relize the beauty more than agony, and you forget ugliness….I loved all the pics, and everything you are grateful for!Where’s MY camera????

  4. Son

    This looks like something great to try!

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