Everyday Wisdom #51

Enjoy and savour the moments of silence that are easily available to us,
there in our daily lives



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7 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #51

  1. Also, it’s not too hard to increase them in length and frequency.

    • I’m really interested to learn more about appreciating silence. I’ve just started reading a book called “Seeking Silence in a Noisy World”. It’s so interesting!

      • One of the reasons I avoid mobile phones and minimise radio and TV

      • What else do you do? To maximise silence?

      • I am not sure how useful my strategies will be for you, as our situations are perhaps quite different. As I am retired from paid employment I am relieved of a lot of the demands that holding a job normally require. I spend a lot of my waking hours alone, where I have a lot of control over what I allow inside my immediate environment. For example: I class birdsong as helpful; vehicle engine sound less so: I have always chosen to live in small towns, and not in the centre; if there are routes to walk into town avoiding main roads then I generally use them. Parks and cemeteries are good places to find quiet, and often there are benches too. 😀

        Of course, the “internal” environment is a major ingredient of any moment in time; it is easy to disrupt the interior silence but on the other hand maintaining calm can take a large role in reducing the impact of exterior “noise” in day to day life.

        I wish you every success in your endeavours. 🙂

      • Thank you so much for sharing that!! I am fascinated to hear your wisdom. The thing I think I am noticing from reading more about silence, is that silence is not the absence of noise as such. But it’s the absence of conversation. And the ability to notice the stillness around you, and within you.

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