Everyday Wisdom #49

The beauty of silence is available to everyone.

Young or old, rich or poor, of any race or religion.

Silence is always there, and is always available.  

Silence is a solace in terms of stress.  It helps us to recharge our minds and bodies.  

Silence is the wellspring from which creativity, insight, and wisdom flows.




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16 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #49

  1. In silence, there is space to expand. Thank you for another lovely post. And, the image put a little well-up in my throat chakra– such a sweet, beloved bear!

  2. Son

    Speech is silver, but silence is golden 🙂

  3. I love your words and the picture.

  4. The first thing you learn about silence is that is full of sounds. That allows you to begin trulyhearing sounds.

  5. Love the teddies silent moments of wisdom, i LOVEE him, nyc photography composition! 【ツ】

  6. On a Blog post some time ago, the blogger asked: what is your favorite moment? My reply was directly: any moment of silence. I love silence. It calms me down. This applies to when I’m happy and when I’m sad.

    • I’m trying to understand and appreciate silence more. I’ve always been a person that has run from it. Even now at 5am in the morning, I have the radio going. Instinctively I’ve always had a need for constant noise around me. I’m trying to overcome that 🙂

      • I certainly understand because I was exactly the same. I needed anything to come and fill the silence. I used to sleep all night with the radio on, and if for any reason it goes off, i would wake up and not be able to go back to sleep. We need the noise when we don’t like what we are hearing inside. When I’m feeling down and have those bad dark thoughts, I put my headphones and a very loud music not to hear my own thoughts

      • “Even now at 5am in the morning, I have the radio going.”

        Switch it off and sit silently, in gentle awareness. What happens? After 5 minutes, stop and write down a clear description of what happened during that period of quiet awareness. Repeat this exercise over a few days. Gradually you fill find yourself becoming comfortable with silence, even starting to find it nourishing. But don’t be hard on yourself; progress at your own speed.

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