Everyday Wisdom #48

Refraining from all evil,

not clinging to birth and death,

working in deep compassion

for all sentient beings,

respecting those over you

and pitying those below you,

without any detesting or desiring,

worrying or lamentation –

this is what is called Buddha.

Do not search beyond it.




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A page created to help spread love and kindness and positivity. Dedicated to making this world a better place, and making a difference in people's lives.

4 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #48

  1. Meg, a lovely reminder for me right now. Thank you. “working in deep compassion….” I love that line. I’m carrying it with me this week. Lisa

  2. Reblogged this on Ben Naga and commented:
    Just in case you missed this great affirmation.

  3. Oops. I meant to reblog this post of yours to The Book Of Guff, and by mistake I reblogged it to Ben Naga. I have now deleted my mistake, but now I can’t reblog it to TBOG. As you can see, I am not having a very good day. Can you do anything in you dashboard settings to “unreblog” it?

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