Everyday Wisdom #45


The many factors which divide us are actually much more superficial than those we share.
Despite all of the things that differentiate us – race, language, religion, gender, wealth and so on – we are all equal concerning our fundamental humanity.

Dalai Lama




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9 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #45

  1. MindMindful

    I think this is so true! The differences among us are MUCH smaller than the things we have in common, the ways we are the same. Why do we (I include myself too) have so much willingness to hung up on those superficial differences??

  2. This is a wonderful statement. I recently spent a week in Guatemala and it really is amazing to see how, even through our superficial differences, we all seek the same things. We all have the same innate desires and crave the same love. No matter our differences, we really are all the same.

  3. Stephanie Jill Rudd

    So very true. I adore the Dali Lama and his hige compassion and wisdom. I was lucky enough to make a dream come true and went to see him speak in Edinburgh a few years ago. I shall forget it.

    • Oh I am so envious! I would love to hear him speak! ♥

      • Stephanie Jill Rudd

        To be in the same space and feel his vast energy is awesome. Before he comes on to speak, Tibetan monks start chanting in the background; set against the hum of a waiting theatre audience and the energy just rises and rises to a point of near explosion! Then he comes on stage on his own and the humility and dignity is a sight to behold-truely. One never forgets it. If you ever get the chance, go see him.

      • Oh my goodness, you just gave me goosebumps! You have described the atmosphere so exquisitely 🙂

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