Puppy Update



We are very blessed to get to see our puppy friend each day ♥

He is just the most beautiful creature.

He now waits patiently at the fence for us – we find him there both in the mornings, and in the afternoons.

And each time we see him he just radiates love for us.

And us for him.



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6 responses to “Puppy Update

  1. u can tell by his eyes that he is waiting for you so he can love on u

  2. He looks sad, I’m glad he feels your love too ❤

  3. Oh Thanks for the update i wanted you to post Meg…Have you ever wondered who owns him, and do you see him going on walks,cause he feels sad.There is anxiousness in his eyes to meet you or probably come closer and love you.There is sweet innocence too….Give him love from my side as well! ❥❥❥

  4. No actually, I have no idea who his owners are, or if they take him out :-(. He gets so much joy out of our brief visits with him twice per day. And I am getting braver (and trusting him more), and reach my arm in as far as it will go to rub his belly. He still looks to hold my hand with his paw. It’s so beautiful ♥.

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